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Online: minimum of 2 participants to hold the classes. 

All bookings can be made by contacting Isuzu via email at:


Group classes currently running are on Zoom. If you would like to have the instructor personally come to your place, please contact via email or phone. Please be aware that there may be a travel fee (first 15-minute drive: free). Depends on the number of participants, session fee will be adjusted & travel fee maybe waived.

MELT Hand and Foot

MELT technique using the MELT Ball specifically aiming at the connective tissue in the hands and feet.

Intro to hand and foot

date/time: flexible

online $20/pp
at *your place $30/pp

*Travel fee may be added on your location.


If you are new to MELT, Intro to Hand and Foot is a good starting place. This simple self-treatment can make your whole body feel better and provide some relief from the neck, upper back, and low back.

Pre-requisite:  None

*Note: Due to the online nature of this course, you may need to purchase MELT balls before hand.

6-Session Series

date/time: flexible

30-45 Minutes per session
online $120/pp

You will learn MELT terminology, hand and foot techniques by using all balls for quick treatment and  and full treatment. 

At each session, you will get handouts so you can practice at home.

Pre-requisites: Intro workshop or you read the MELT Method book, and you have your own MELT hand and foot kit. or purchase a MELT kit before the initial session.

Mini Kit available @$45(4 balls)


Regular Melt Classes

Multiple level classes using MELT ball and foam roller.


Intro to MELT Workshop

 Date: please contact

Saturday, 10 am - 12 pm

Regular rate @ $40 pp

This 2-Hour intro workshop will change how your body looks and feel. You will use the MELT Soft Body Roller and you will learn MELT Hand and Foot self-care technique to simulate the results of manual therapy.

Pre-requisites: None

Participation and refund Policy:

  • Cancellation request with 72- hour notice Full refund less 10% admin. 

  • Less than 72-hour notice. No Refund but Transferable to your family or your friend.

  • No-Show: No Refund. No Transferable.

Basic 6-Session (Beginners)

online (on Zoom) or in-person
2 persons or more: $120 pp

Private: $240 
For more info, please contact

This basic series teaches you all MELT moves using MELT Roller and introducing some intermediate moves. 

Pre-requisites: None, but an understanding of MELT terminology is advised. To learn MELT terminology, take "Intro to MELT" or read "the MELT Method" book.

Have MELT balls and MELT roller before 1st session starts.  Purchase or Rental available with fee.

Basic And Beyond 6-Session

online (on Zoom) or in-person
2 persons or more: $120 pp

Private: $240

For more info, please contact

For savvy MELTers to refine their self-treatment skills and incorporate some intermediate to advanced moves into their existing MELT practice. NeuroStrength may be added depending on the level of the participants.

Pre-requisite:  Basic Series or you know all moves from MELT Method Book / DVD and MELTing regularly.

Please contact, if you are unsure about your level. 


Melt Performance (Intermediate/Advanced)
Tuesdays 4 pm online
max 6 students

March 12 & 26,  2024

*3 spots available

$40/2-session  or $23/single  

NeuroStrength technique
Maintain pelvic and shoulder girdle balance, integrity, and stability during the movement, and create lateral stability, while improving the balance and timing of the Reflexive and Rooting Mechanisms.

Pre-requisite: Know some intermediate MELT moves and MELTing regularly at home. Have MELT equipment including Half Roller and the performance band.

Private Sessions

Private sessions for your individual needs.


Melt Clinic 

Refresh & Refine MELT Skills

This is to refresh and refine your MELT self-care skills and incorporate some intermediate, advanced moves into your existing home practice.   Available for 1 hour or 2-hour clinic.


1-hour clinic

$60/private, 2 or more: $35/pp

Online $55/private, 2 or more: $30/pp

Customized Private Session

A Healthier You

At your place or online session

If you have specific needs, a private session is ideal. A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended in order to create a personalized MELT map.


First 1.5/hr of Class: $80    

Continue: $65/hr     

In-person session: Package of 6-hour: $360        

Online session: Package of 6-hour: $330 

Semi-Private (for 2):

First 1.5/hr of class: $90 (for 2)

Continue: $80/hr

In-person session: Package of 6-hour: $450   

Online session: Package of 6-hour: $432 

*Package expires with 3 months


Create Your Own Class

Relax, and Feel Good

At Your Workplace or Your Home!

Create your custom event such as Lunch and Learn, MELT for yogis, golfers, pickleball players, for individuals with arthritis, back pain, and more.

Sample class: MELT for office  @ $20 per person for 5 participants.

*depends on your location, travel fee may be added or waived.

Please contact for more information.

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