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MELT Hand and Foot Kit

MELT Hand and Foot Kit

SKU: 21354654

Pre-Order Accepted.  Contact Isuzu.

Note: My price may fluctuate due to recent increase of price (US$10 more) & shipping cost from MELT official site. 
Thank you for understanding.


Note: Ordering from here is for pick up only. Please contact Isuzu for pick-up arrangement before placing your order.

If you want the kit to be shipped, please visit the official Melt Method website here.


The MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit includes :

8 MELT Treatment balls :

2 small soft ball (New), 2 small firm ball, 2 large soft ball, 2 large firm ball, 1 Bunion Reducer Band

an illustrated instruction guide, all in a convenient travel case.   


*If you are a regular workshop/class attendee and interested in purchasing the MELT tools, please contact me as soon as possible, as the stock is very limited. Discounted price maybe applied at the workshop or in the class only and if you purchase kit & roller together.

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