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Melt Roller

Melt Roller

SKU: 36523641234523

NOTE: price increased as of September 04, 2022. Due to the price increase of products and shipping cost @MELT Method official site.

Classic Full Melt Roller. 


Melt Rollers may lose the certain firmness after 1 ~ 2 years of use.   Replace to new one for better result of MELTing when roller can't sustain the certain firmness.  


*If there is any damages or defects as manu facture failure within the next 30 days from purchase, exchange is possible. please contact.

*Pick up only, delivery is unavailable. If you are looking for delivery, visit the official store here.






    MELT products are developed specifically for the techniques of the MELT Method. Using MELT roller with other technique such as Myofascial Release or other Foam Roller technique cause the damage of MELT roller or won't last longer. Isuzu Kanada( shall not be liable for any consequential damages that result from misuse or the performance of the products even if Isuzu Kanada( has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

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